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EPDM: The High-Quality Rubber Roofing

EPDM roofs are what people commonly refer to as rolled rubber roofing, rubber roofing membrane, or simply rubber roofing. It came from a mixture of slate dust, sawdust, and recycled tires. Since it only comes at around $0.80 for every square foot it is one of the kinds of roofing that is least expensive on the market nowadays.

EPDM Roofing and Its Advantages

Cost is EPDM roofing’s most significant advantage compared to the other kinds of materials for flat roofing. Since it only comes at $0.80 for every square foot, it is among the least expensive roofing materials that is currently available. Other than that, it can be really easy to install which is why the cost of its installation can be pretty low.

Since the rubber roofing made of EPDM can be really lightweight, the deck of the roof will not require any type of reinforcement. In reality, the recommended way to have this material installed is to have everything on the roof stripped off, put on adhesive, and have the roofing rolled out. Since the seams can be a few. it is quite rare to experience leaks. It can even be possible for the EPDM roof to last for a couple of decades.

There are also numerous options on how installers can have this material installed. Aside from the use of an adhesive that can have it attached to the roof, you may also utilize fasteners so it can get anchored in areas that may be quite hard to reach. You may even have its appearance improved by having it ballasted with stone.

This quite durable kind of roofing does not easily scuff or scratch. You can easily have it repaired whenever a leak occurs. It can be possible to have some kinds of rubber shingles, liquid membranes in roofing, and adhesives or latex tape to get installed of the roofing made of EPDM so that the leaks that developed over time will get patched and repaired. Even if the material has a black color, the UV rays do not damage it easily and it cannot absorb heat. Because of this, it can hold up quite well whenever the climate is sunny.

The Disadvantages of EPDM Roofing

The appearance of the EPDM roof is its most significant drawback.  Since rubber is what it is made of, EPDM appears very similar to an inner tube that is stretched out whenever it gets unrolled on any roof. This may not be a significant drawback in case you are considering to put this on a shed or garage. However, whenever you use it on a home’s main building, it may end up detracting the appeal of the curb. Since EPDM mainly comes in a black roll, it can absorb heat quite easily and make the structure underneath significantly heated. You may acquire it in lighter hues in order to reflect the heat whenever the climate is warm but it may add around 30% more to the material’s price for every square foot.

Aside from that, EPDM roof may also get easily punctured. The roof may end up having a hole whenever a workman wears the wrong kind of boots or a tree’s branches fall on it. Even if it can be easy to have this repaired, any type of infiltration by the water into the structure can lead to more problems which is why it is recommended to avoid this as much as possible.

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