The Variety of Options for Flat Roofs

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When it comes to flat roofs, homeowners can now choose any of the following options. All of these flat roofing types have a cost of around $250 to $350 for every square. However, the prices may be different according to the roof’s size and where it is located. Oftentimes, flat roofs come with a warranty of one to two decades but the roofs may last for around twenty five years whenever they get installed and maintained properly.

Modified Bitumen

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Here is a roof rolled in a single-ply that is the same as the shield of water-and-ice with a wear surfaces that is based on mineral. Systems in torch-down involve the adhesive getting heated while the material gets unrolled. Nowadays, here are new systems that peel-and-stick which could be easier and safer.


Materials that can get peeled and stuck may get installed by any homeowner. This mineral surface has a light color that can minimize the energy bills and reflect the heat. It has a price that is in the middle of the group.


Since the application of the torch-down can be a fire hazard, it may not be recommended whenever buildings are occupied. It is not resistant to tear or scuff like the roofs made of rubber membrane.

Rubber Membrane

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This true rubber is also called EPDM which is short for the name ethylene propylene diene monomer. This material is durable and looks similar to an inner tube. Yet it is engineered to be able to resist the sun’s damage. You can have the EPDM anchored mechanically with glue, fasteners, or stone through ballasting.


The installation of a rubber membrane can be friendly to the homeowner as the material is relatively light. Despite that, they can be very well resistant to tears and scuffs and the leaks can be relatively easy to patch.


The material that is standard black can absorb the heat. Whenever your home is in a warm climate, it is recommended to have it coated in a light hue but it can increase the price by 30%. The black version may have a higher price compared to the modified bitumen or BUR and it can be highly vulnerable to any punctures compared to the other choices.

BUR: The Built-Up Roof

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Here is a roof made of hot gravel and tar that is built from material that is waterproof in three plies or more that is ballasted with a layer of river stone that is smooth and alternated with tar which is hot. Since it is previously made of tar paper, this roof eventually used materials that are more advanced which includes membranes made of fiberglass.


Gravel can be a great fire retardant. It can also be attractive for decks and windows that are overlooking the roof. Among the four varieties in roofing, it is also the cheapest.


Since BUR involves numerous materials and layers, its installation can be labor-intensive and slow. As it gets installed, it may emit vapors and fumes that has the potential of being hazardous. The assembly of this roofing can be quite heavy and usually needs the strengthening of the roof joists before it gets installed. There may be times when it could be hard to look for the leak’s source as you may need to have the whole roof dismantled. Roofing that is built-up may not be flexible whenever the temperature is cold so it can become susceptible to damages.

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