Building a Pitched Roof over a Flat Roof

Building A Pitched Roof Over A Flat Roof

building a pitched roof over a flat roof

Flat roofs may look great but they bring with them several disadvantages for your home. For one, the low slope is not efficient for water drainage. Thus, flat roofs are more prone to water damage which leads to leaking, mold growth, sagging, and many other structural problems for your home. In order to prevent this, property owners need to maintain their homes more regularly. Regular maintenance includes coating your roof with waterproof coats and sealants. If not maintained consistently, homeowners will have to replace the roof sooner than expected. 

With the weather in New Rochelle NY, flat roofs can become quite costly to maintain. This is why the option of converting a flat roof into a pitched roof is considered by many homeowners. You can also build over the old flat roof. However, this can have a few downsides. Any homeowner interested in building a pitched roof over a flat roof has many options if they approach the right roofing contractor, like On Time Roofing. 

Flat Roof

Flat roofs have now become a popular choice for modern architectural designs. Unfortunately, while this type of roof might look appealing, it is not always a practical choice for residential homes. Flat roofs have been more commonly used for commercial buildings for the past few decades. Because they are cheaper to install and easier to maintain than pitched roofs, business owners have opted for flat roofs because of the practical benefits for their businesses. 

However, flat roofs are better suited for large buildings than small residential homes. Also, most buildings also install an added water drainage system on their roofs to prevent water damage. This is good for a commercial building but not all homeowners would be apt to put in such a mechanism on top of their home. While flat roofs are easier to maintain because people can maneuver better on top, they also need to be assessed and maintained more frequently.

Replacing a Flat Roof

Before deciding to convert your flat roof, there are a lot of things to consider. This is a large project that could potentially cost a lot, depending on the current structure of your home and your plans. It is critical to look at the existing roof and think about whether installing a new roof is the best option for your property.

An assessment from a professional roofing contractor can help you identify whether the problems that you are looking to solve with the new pitched roof installation are actually caused by your current flat roof or if there are other underlying causes that require another solution. The experts at On Time Roofing are always ready to give your property a thorough assessment.

Problem #1: Existing Architecture

Depending on the current home structure, the installation of a new pitched roof might be tricky. There is a multitude of methods that can be used to convert your flat roof. One option is to retrofit the pitched roof over your flat roof. Other options include converting the flat roof into a ranch-style roof or to put up a new floor on the flat roof and install a new pitched roof over that. 

However you decide to do the conversion, the current structure of your home will affect how you go about the changes. The best way to go about this is to get the opinion of an architect, structural engineer, or roofing contractor to identify what changes you will need to make.

Problem #2: Extra Costs

Major changes to your roof can add up. Aside from the cost of roofing, you’ll also need to take into account other things that you need to change in your home. The chimney, heating systems, air vents, roof material; specifically metal roofs, and water pipes might need some restructuring as well.

Aside from these, there are other problems that you might encounter during the planning and even the actual installation process of the project. However, with detailed planning and the help of the right professionals, the project should yield good results. There are many advantages that you can get from a pitched roof on residential homes. Here are just a few of the reasons that would lead you to change your flat roof. 

Advantage #1: More Stylish and Appealing

Pitched roofs, as compared to flat roofs, generally have a more aesthetic appeal on residential homes. Because homeowners have a wide array of roofing options when it comes to pitched roofs, you can pick out the best style, shape, design, and material for your home.

Advantage #2: Avoid Water Ponding

The low slope on a flat roof makes it prone to water ponding. The pitch on a roof can help alleviate this by giving it an angle that helps the water drain away from the roof better. 

Weighing out the advantages and disadvantages of a flat roof and deciding whether you should just go ahead and build a new pitched roof over it can be difficult without professional advice. The process can be a lot easier with an expert’s opinion. When you have decided to go through with the conversion, you can also avoid the hassle by getting the right roofing company to work on the project. 

On Time Roofing can help you develop a plan that best fits your needs, desires, and budget. With years of experience replacing roofs in New Rochelle NY, the roofing professionals in the team are here to give you a comprehensive roofing inspection, a detailed discussion, a tailor-fit plan, and quality workmanship.