How Long Does It Take To Reshingle A Roof?

Roofs provide an important role in keeping your house dry and clean all-year-round. Having a properly planned and installed roof while using the right shingles can lengthen the lifespan of your house and its foundations. However, sooner or later your shingles will eventually get damaged from torrential rains and devastating hailstorms. One of the first lines of defense of your roof is shingles and this layer redirects water off your roof towards gutters and downspouts while providing a sufficient amount of insulation. Despite being made of weather-resistant materials, shingles are still quite susceptible to shock and trauma which makes it vulnerable to hailstorms and debris that’s propelled by strong winds.


Having damaged shingles on your roof can inadvertently lead to more problems since a single damaged shingle can break the equilibrium of the other shingles on your roof. The best solution to keeping your roof in pristine condition is to have a seasoned roofing specialist on inspecting any damages on your roof and then appropriately replacing them as needed.

Signs to Look Out For

But before we get into how long it will take for a roofing specialist to replace the shingles of a house, we have to first keep a lookout for any tell-tale signs of damage on your roof and on your shingles.

    • Sagging roof – A sagging roof should never be ignored since it is a sign that there are some serious problems on your roof. A sagging roof can typically mean that your roof is on the verge of collapsing. If this is the case, then it is best to contact a roofing specialist as soon as possible.
    • Growth of mildew, mosses, and molds – Improperly planned insulation and misplaced shingles can lead to moisture building up inside your house and on the eaves of your roof. This can lead to the formation of molds, mosses, and mildew that can chip away at the integrity of your roof, especially if your supporting beams and shingles are made out of wood.


  • Eroded granules on the gutter – Typically, shingles and tiles for your roofs are made out of natural stone, composite materials, and concrete which have a high concentration of granules and minerals. As these shingles are exposed to the constant flow of water, small specks of granules will flow towards your gutters. It’s best to keep an eye out for the consistency of the flowing water on gutters since this is a sign that your shingles are deteriorating.
  • Missing Shingles – Missing shingles can be caused by numerous factors, typically if an animal or person walks on your roof, then some shingles might come off. This can also mean that your shingles are not well-fastened towards your roof sheathing. It’s best to have a roofing specialist look into this matter.
  • Warping and buckling shingles – Warping and buckling of shingles are quite common on warmer weathers when extreme temperatures can expand your shingles which can lead to warping. There are cases that a misplaced shingle can also lead to warping and buckling of the rest fo the shingles. Having a roofing specialist plan out your roof ahead of time can mitigate any damages caused by warping shingles. Homeowners are advised to install shingles during warmer seasons so that they will be able to easily measure the area of an expanded shingle and make necessary adjustments.


Time Table for Repairs

For this timetable, we will be assuming that the average residential roof in the United States will have around 1,700 square feet.

  • Wood shingles and shakes – 3 – 4 days
  • Synthetic vinyl shingles and slates – 3 – 5 days
  • Flat roofing material – 2 – 3 days
  • Concrete tiles – 8 – 9 days
  • Metal roofing and steel sheets – 3 – 4 days
  • Asphalt shingles – 1 – 2 days
  • Natural stone slate tiles – 6 – 7 days

Overall, the time that it takes to replace the shingles of your house will ultimately depend on the severity of the damage, if the roofing material is readily available, and the area of your roof. If the roofing material is scarce, then it will take time to look for them while having more damage and area can mean that more effort and time has to be invested on your roof. When in doubt, the best course of action is to find a professional roofing specialist that can help in finding you the right materials while doing an extensive examination of your roof.

If you’re still not sure about where you will be able to find replacement roofing materials and manpower for your roofing New Rochelle NY, then it is highly recommended that you employ the services of a professional roofing specialist that can offer a plethora of services that range from repairs and replacements to damage inspections.

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