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The Significance of Skylights

Something that a lot of people check out every day are windows. These are often installed on cars, offices, and homes to provide protection against the outside elements and give the people a great view around the place. Having windows are particularly helpful whenever it is daytime because it allows people to save through lowered heating costs and providing warmth whenever it is winter by letting in a lot of the natural sunlight as long as they are insulated properly. Sunlight can also make people more energetic and happier as it provides us with the needed boosts of serotonin and vitamin D which can affect the people’s mood and natural enjoyment. This is needed by people residing in the northern hemisphere that suffer from the wintertime blues, SAD, or seasonal affective disorder as sunlight is essential whenever the weather is dreary and cold. The recommended solution for this is sitting nearby a window.

Whenever you have the window moved up physically and have it placed directly on the ceiling or tilted slightly, it can make a skylight. This can provide a design that is entirely different with an effect that is more dramatic. Whenever a skylight is added above the windows, the room will have an increase in the amount of sunlight that can make the area feel more attractive and spacious. Whenever it is summer, it can be utilized as a natural ventilation as most of them have a design that is meant to get opened.

There may be so much more to having skylights than just creating a hole in the ceiling and having some glass or plastic on it. These may come in various sizes and shapes and it can be made with a material that can get installed or built to affect the vital aspects of the structure such as the protection of the room from leaks and how well is the home’s insulation. The place and the way it gets position can also affect the amount of sunlight that the room can have. On Time Roofing can effectively provide the desired skylight for any home.

Materials used for Skylights

Typically, skylights are constructed with either glass or plastic. Whatever you choose may depend on some factors which include pricing, its location inside the home, and climate. The kinds of skylights are referred by the manufacturers through their glazing. This is a general term that is used in order to describe the way a window or skylight gets constructed.

It can be less expensive to have skylights with plastic glazing compared to glass glazing but it can still be quite durable. Despite that, plastic can be highly susceptible to wearing down as it can easily warp, scratch, and discolor. If the plastic does not get coated with a special kind of film, the glazes may allow the entry of the sun’s UV or ultraviolet rays that can make the furniture fade and harm the people’s skin. In case you have seen homes that have skylights that are bubble- or dome-shaped, it is likely that they are made of plastic. However that design is now considered as something that is out of style.

Skylights with a glass glazing can be more expensive compared to plastic but people generally prefer this because it does not discolor, is more durable, and appears more beautiful. Skylights made of glass should be composed of a safety material for glazing so it may have either been laminated or tempered. Glass that is tempered was able to undergo a process of cooling and heating rapid so that the material can be harder compared to the normal glass. Whenever it breaks, it ends up shattering into small pieces that look like pebbles that do not have any sharp edges. Glass that is laminated is made with a layer of thin plastic that is sandwiched in between a couple of glass pieces. Even if there may be various combinations, a lot of the manufacturers create skylights with the use of a pane of glass that is laminated inside and a pane of glass that is tempered on the outside.

There is a variety of techniques in glazing that can help increase the energy efficiency of a home as well. Having the glass tinted will allow it to minimize the SHGC or solar heat gain coefficient and absorb the heat. The SHGC is a measure of how much of the sun’s heat that the skylight or window blocks. When it comes to how low or high you would like the SHGC of your windows to be, it may depend on the climate where you reside. Having a lower number will allow less heat to get transmitted into the home. One example is a skylight that has a high SHGC. This is recommended whenever the winter is cold. Having a skylight that has a low SHGC can be great at blocking the heat whenever it is hot during summer.

Skylights have coatings that have low-E or low-emissivity. These are thin microscopic layers of metal that are spread over the panes of the skylight. The skylight’s U-factor, or amount of heat that is non-solar which is allowed in, is reduced with a coating that is low-E. Whenever the U-factor is lower the window is more efficient.

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