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Part of our repertoire is our offering of slate roofing installation. We have the know-how and tools to give your home with great looking and durable slate roofs really quick. Click here to get a free estimate on your slate roof and other home projects.

Slate is one of the oldest materials used in roofing, experiencing a boom in the advent of the Industrial Age. They are a popular choice for roofs because of the ease in making them, which usually involves cleaving them into sheets using a specialized tool.



For homeowners in the New Rochelle, Spring Valley, White Plains NY and nearby areas, slate can be a great option for your home’s roof.

Slate roofs have a long lifespan. Being made wholly of natural metamorphic rock, slate roofs can last up to a century. Such is their longevity that they often last longer than the house itself.

Slate is fireproof. While other roofing materials are only fire resistant at best, you’ll need volcanic temperatures for slate to catch fire.

Slate can face up to the most extreme weather. Unlike other roofing materials, properly installed slate roofs can face the harshest rain, wind, sleet, or snow. This is especially important, considering how unpredictable our weather in NY can be.

Slate can lower your heating bill. Slate is a great insulator: it can trap heat in to keep your home warm during cold months. At the same time, it can absorb outside heat and keep it from getting in during warm weather.

Slate looks good on a home. While slate usually comes in grey, a good roofing contractor with a good roofing material supplier can find you roofing tiles that come in red, green, purple, black, or even speckled patterns. In any case, a slate roof gives an air of classic beauty to a home. For us at On Time Roofing, our status as Home Depot‘s approved contractor means we can get you the slate roof pattern and color of your choice.

Slate is ecologically sound. The longevity of slate roof tiles makes them easy to reuse; if taken care of and removed carefully. And since they have no harmful chemicals in them, there are minimal chances of anything harmful leaching from them and putting you, your home, and your surroundings in danger.


There are, however, some caveats to consider when choosing slate as your roof of choice. Because of this, it’s important in deciding is getting a good roofing contractor to help you decide if a slate roof is best for you.

Slate is heavy. Slate roof tiles and shingles are basically rocks, cut into form. As such, they are heavier than most roofing materials. If placed on a building with weak support, the weight of a slate roof can cause the home to buckle and collapse. We recommend getting a professional to look up your home to assess its strength and its capacity to support a slate roof.

Slate is expensive. Compared to other roofing materials, slate costs considerably more. This is why you’ll need a roofing contractor who knows how to work with it, to maximize your slate roof’s service life and avoid it being damaged prematurely and unnecessarily.

Slate is fragile. While we mentioned that slate is durable, it is only so when it is already settled and installed. Slate can be easily broken when handled incorrectly. Its tendency to break along its seams makes slate fragile; given the right amount of force. Make sure your roofers know how to transport and install slate tiles safely.

Slate roofs need expert roofers. While there are a lot of great things about having a slate roof, there are also a lot of risks involved with it. Because they can be easily be broken during handling, you will need people who know how to be careful with them. Installation can also be very tricky, and only the most well-versed of roofers will know how to properly set them up. Finally, maintaining them can present a lot of hazards that only good roofing crews will know how to avoid.


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