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During the life of your home, you’re going to have to consider roof replacement.  While those words might instill a bit of trepidation in most home owners due to the price, roof replacement isn’t something that you have to handle on your own.  Indeed, since it’s a sizable investment, your first step when thinking roof replacement is to talk to a professional like On Time Roofing.

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We know that the communities of Westchester and Yonkers counties rely on us to provide the best in expertise when it comes to roofing, gutters and siding We are truly humbled by this trust that has been placed in us, and strive every day to earn it once again.

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  • We are fully licensed and insured to work in the area.
  • We use only the best products and materials, from top of line manufacturers.  Names like Firestone Building ProductsVersico Roofing SystemsCertainTeed, and Owens Corning aren’t just great word puzzle answers to us.  They’re an integral part to what we do.
  • We offer easy payment options, including credit cards, and in-house financing to name a few.
  • And of course, we offer a free, no obligation estimate on all our projects.
  • We back everything we do – from doing minor repairs to installing a new commercial roof on your business building with a guarantee that simply can’t be matched.

Is Roof Replacement My Only Option?

Roof replacement may not be the only option available to you.  It all depends on the condition of your roof.  While roof repair is certainly an option in many cases, there are a few telltale signs that indicate that a roof replacement is in your near future.

The first indication that a roof replacement needs to be considered is the overall age of the roof.  Depending on the materials used, residential roofs can last between twelve and forty-five years before the end of their effective life.  For example, asphalt shingles usually last about twenty to twenty-five years.  If you know your roof is getting close to being near the end its life, replacement may be in order.

The second item to consider is the overall condition of your roof.  If you have a shingled roof, seeing a number of shingles with the edges curling, cracked or damaged, or even a significant amount of granules in the gutter, indicates that the shingles may need to be replaced.

Another indication that your roof needs to be replaced sooner than later is when the roof sagging or drooping.   The best way to see this is to look at the roof from a bit of distance.  Follow the line of the roof from the ridge down to the edge.  Does it curve?  If it does, the underlying support decking may be compromised.  This is a prime case where a tear off and roof replacement is needed.

How Much Should it Cost?

We’ll be honest.  Replacing a roof can be one of the most expensive investments you’ll undertake during the life of your home.  That being said, it’s totally worth it.  But how much should you budget for the process?  While we can’t give you a specific number without speaking with you about your needs and doing a thorough roof inspection, there are a few factors that help to determine the overall cost.

The most obvious factor in the cost of your roof replacement is the size of your roof.  As you would expect, the larger the roof, the more expensive the project will be.  Roofers usually charge by the roofing square, or 100 square feet of space.  So, if your roof is say 4,000 feet square, you’ll have to pay for 40 roofing squares.

Another factor to consider is the complexity of the roof.  Like the size, the more complex the roof, the more labor intensive it may be, which can lead to a higher overall cost.  Another factor that we take into account is the slope or the pitch of the roof.  Basically the steeper the roof, the more chance of falling, so more protective equipment may be needed.

Besides labor and accessibility concerns, another significant factor in the overall cost of roof replacement is the materials.  Depending on what you want, the cost of materials can range between $1.20 and $8.00 per square foot of material.  Generally speaking asphalt shingles are the most budget friendly option, followed by wood shingle, metal, tile and finally slate ends the list as the most expensive option.  It should be noted, however that the more expensive materials often do provide a longer life overall, so that should be factored into the cost as well.

But don’t worry if your budget is tight.  We have plenty of financing options available.  Your safety and the safety of your home is the highest priority for us!

Making The Decision

If you’re considering getting your roof replaced, the first order of business is to contact a roofing professional, such as On Time Roofing.  We’ll start by discussing your concerns with you and coming out to perform a comprehensive roofing inspection to determine what your options are.  Once we do that, we can sit down with you and develop a plan that fits your needs, desires, and budget.  We’ve been replacing roofs for quite a few years now, and we would love to help you make sure your roof is the best it can be for years to come.